About Vittorio B.

Vittorio Bassan was born in Valenza Po, in the northern region of Piemonte, Italy, a region famous throughout the world for high quality jewelry craftsmanship. As he grew he watched his mother, father and seven uncles create beautiful jewelry pieces in the family business. Having been immersed in the business from a very early age, Vittorio developed a love for jewelry and had a dream that someday he would create his own original designs.
After earning a Master of Fine Arts Degree in jewelry design and manufacturing he began an apprenticeship as a precious gemstone setter in the family business where he excelled in perfecting the fine details of high end jewelry design and handcrafting individual pieces.
Vittorio embodies the Italian spirit of living life to the fullest by welcoming spontaneous changes, one of the main inspirations for his original designs. When the opportunity arose, he made the difficult decision to leave the comfort and security of the family business and move to Los Angeles to broaden his horizons in a wider market. While he had confidence in his skill in setting precious gemstones he became intrigued by how the high end jewelry pieces are purchased and warned and began to develop an understanding of his clients’ desires. As they worked closely, his clients began commissioning Vittorio to create unique pieces of high end jewelry.
By the fall of 2013, Vittorio had gained a reputation in the high jewelry industry and was offered a position at Van Cleef and Arpels’ flagship store in New York City. During his tenure at VCA, he became proficient in all aspects of the industry while gaining confidence in working with upscale clientele. He also began to understand the importance of impeccable customer service.
Through extensive experience working closely with discriminating clients he was inspired to devise innovative designs for which he has two patents pending.
Vittorio launched his own jewelry line, Fit For Life Jewels in 2017. His exceptional collection incorporates his Italian love of beauty with timeless design.

I take pride in designing jewelry that is timeless, unique, and functional

Vittorio Bassan